12th-13th SEPTEMBER 2017

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Education Streams

Physical Activity and Health

Two content rich days focused on the impact of physical activity on the nation’s health and how the leisure industry has a huge role to play with driving change.

Covering a wide range of major topical issues which impact on people’s lives day in day out, with seminars focused on childrens activity through to the actively ageing population.

The seminar programme will highlight the benefits of integrating physical activity into everyday operations and how the industry can benefit commercially from an increased emphasis on health practices.

The link between leisure, physical activity, health, medicine and fitness should be closer than ever – The Physical Activity and Health sector will cover topical issues that ensure a stronger bond between professionals.

Topics Include:

  • The impact of physical activity on mental health
  • Exercise as a prescription
  • Commissioning and GP referral scheme : Case Study
  • Diabetes - the modern day epidemic
  • The role of leisure in improving health and wellbeing
  • Lifestyle and behavioural changes to improve physical wellbeing and health
  • Improving health through physical activity and sport
  • The link between leisure, fitness and medical industries to understand and benefit each other.
  • How leisure facilities can impact a healthier generation through good nutritional offerings


Sport World

Focusing on encouraging sporting participation and developing sports facilities.

Delegates will discover workshops for a host of leading brands providing practical tools and tips for raising awareness of your sport and creating interest from new groups and demographics. The Sport World sector will also tackle the often daunting process of facilities development, offering practical advice on planning, material selection and multi-use considerations.

Sport World is ideal for anyone working in the sports industry or looking to add sports to their business. The seminar programme is designed specifically for National Governing Bodies, Schools, Universities, Sports Clubs, Sports Facilities, Local Councils, Gym Chains, Golf Clubs, Functional Training Specialists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Groundskeepers, Sports Coaches.

Topics include:

  • Introduce covering to your facilities and keep your sports ground open all year
  • Appealing to Generation Z
  • Business Development masterclass
  • Designing synthetic pitches for optimum performance
  • Obtaining a grant - know the rules
  • Learn how to upsell and boost your business' revenue
  • Dramatically increase participation numbers through network marketing
  • Working with children - how to coach safely
  • Designing a multi-use games facility
  • Discover all year income with covered pitches
  • Why you should sponsor your local sports team


Pool & Spa

Focusing on increasing swimming participation and improving operational efficiency to increase revenue and drive down costs.

In partnership with STA, the Spa and Wet Leisure Education Stream will deliver seminars on effective programming for swimming classes, water treatment, health and safety, filtration and much more to provide delegates with the tools to save on costs and boost revenue.

The Spa and Wet Leisure Education Stream is targeted at Swimming Coaches, Water Parks, Spas, Pool Designers, Swimming Pools, Gym Chains, Pool Maintenance Professionals, Engineers, Leisure Trusts and Councils.

Topics Include:

  • Create new income opportunities by keeping learners at the top of the learn to swim programme engaged
  • The secret to effective swimming programming
  • Maximising swimming revenue
  • Disease prevention - Legionnaires diseas
  • Point of use sales opportunities
  • Health and safety updates - HSG179
  • Secondary spend opportunities from your swimming pool
  • Swimming motivation - Keep your clients coming back
  • Working with children
  • Baby Swimming – new classes for new visitors
  • Upselling masterclass – sell more and earn more
  • Use the power of the Sun - UV water treatment
  • Angel Eye – The latest developments in drowning prevention

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Fitness Education Summit

A world class education programme offers fitness professionals the opportunity to advance their knowledge and education over two action packed days.

Listen and learn from the industries finest Educators, coaches and professionals enabling any level of fitness professional to come away from LIW, feeling inspired and motivated.

The fitness stream consists of three focal areas: The Fitness Business School, offering business acumen for fitness professionals alongside the Training and Nutrition Theatre, with theoretical and practical application of topical trends and speaking points.





Supported by:

Operators conference

The operators conference is the perfect place for delegates from all aspects of leisure management including trust managers, operation and facilities directors, health and safety managers, duty managers and regional managers from the leisure industry.

Technology & Innovation Zone

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